Under stairs toilet or staircases (as some like to call

A friend of ours has had a very small space under the stairs converted to a toilet and there is just about enough space to make it possible. Our stairs have two 90 degree turns so there is a reasonable space. Making an attached toilet a vastu compliant one is a three step process. Turning cupboard under stairs into loo? Under stairs toilet https://sigmaconstruction.uk/toilet-under-stairs-.html or staircases (as some like to call it) aren’t a new concept when it comes to multistory home. Our problem is the consumer unit is situated under the stairs and the space stores the Hoover. The toilet is going under the stairs to the first floor. If i lean over the pan, my head touches the ceiling when my eyes are level with the toilet seat hinges (i’ve just experimented for you! It’s a toilet and small sink but useful! Ideally a slimline sink at the right hand side as you walk in, and toilet either further down the wall, or put a false wall in at the back and put it there, facing the door. Fit a toilet under the stairs? Its not even like its under the bathroom. I assume that you now have understood the importance of having a vastu compliant attached toilet or bathroom in your home. The kitchen is opposite the cupboard so i assume they wouldl put pipes in under the floor in the hallway for water, but where does the waste go? I think its literally big enough for a toilet and a small sink. Have a look at the image below and you will be able to easily understand the best and the second best locations, as per vastu, within a home where you can make toilet or bathroom. Saniflo �300 Pipework �50 ( pushfit pipework and fittings are great) Toilet and basin etc �150 of course my time but hey all in a good cause just editing as we also have a full bathroom upstairs. Was wondering if anyone had converted their cupboard under the stairs into a downstairs loo? Stairs allow everyone to move from one floor to another with ease (more ease while coming down). Waste pipe goes under the floor of the kitchen to the soil pipe, with an extractor pipe going across the ceiling. I think its big enough if you put the loo under the stair bit and the little sink in the corner. Also, to connect to the external waste mean tunneling from the new toilet under the kitchen floor. In the first step you will learn the best location, as per vastu, where you can make a toilet or bathroom in your home. Obviously the useable space is reduced by the stairs, which I’ve attempted to draw. It’s called “air freshener” and believe me when you live in a large house (and even a small one) a downstairs toilet keeps all the strangers to the house.